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1459 18th St
Ste 217
San Francisco, CA 94107

(415) 665-0800

One thing I can vouch for is: Fast. After 3 craig's list noshows, I was in a jam to dispose of a king size mattress. These guys arrived within 15 minutes of my phone call. I'm sure it can't always be like that (they must have been doing another job close by), but really helped me out.

After reviewing the pricing as outlined on their website, and determining that my load was approximately a quarter of a 16 cu. feet truck and should have been between $300-$450 I was shocked when the crew showed up and the foreman quoted me $500 and then abruptly jumped the quote to $900! I rejected this offer and spent 1.5 hours of my time loading the debris into a U-Haul rental ($49) and then taking the load to the dump myself ($205 dump fee). Either this company is extremely poor at estimating dump loads or they are greedy. Either way, you would probably better serve yourself to rent a hauling truck and spend a couple hours loading and hauling yourself.

I am pretty disappointed by my experience with this business. I called them to schedule a pickup and got a quote of $200 and a time window for the pickup. This part was great. However...when the folks came to do the pickup, I was told that they were actually there to do a free estimate and not actually perform the service. Furthermore the new estimate I got was $750. When we asked why the estimate had blown up, the rep said that was why they did free estimates and then when we questioned it he basically dismissed us and took off. I would absolutely not recommend using them given my experience of having the price go up 375% and not actually having scheduled a pickup as we were told.

WOW. Same-day service. Showed up early. Finished early. Left zero mess. Tried (not very hard) to sweat me on the quote, but we worked out a mutually beneficial price, and my yard looks soooo much better. Highly recommended.

Ugh, I have to rescind my previous positive review. I scheduled another pickup with these guys, and received a confirmation that they'd be there at the requested time. 24 hours in advance, I received the following vaguely coherent email message: "Can we come. Early. 12-2 pm" That wasn't workable for me, so I called them to figure out what to do. I received no apology for the mixup, and - more alarming - no offer for other alternate times. Just "yeah, [the time they already agreed to] is too late." Out of desperation to get rid of the pile of random crap occupying my living room, I asked whether they could come in the morning and be done by [X time]. The guy agreed. After hanging up, I considered the chances they'd 1) show up, and 2) not do anything else to annoy me, and came up with 10-20%. I made a few desperate calls to other places, and wound up going with this place: They did an awesome job at short notice, and I therefore shift my loyalties to Nick. I suggest you do the same!

ITS NOT CHEAP! Thats false advertising. I called the guy and told him I had a pile of trash bags and some card board that I needed to get removed. Maybe 8 trash bags and about 15 boxes already flattened. This would fit in one of their vans easily and take one person maybe 15 minutes to load into a van. The minimum on their site says $50 and he said it probably wouldn't cost too much more than the minimum and not to worry he would give me a better estimate on site. Maybe I should have specified how much more than the minimum he meant. He showed up and said it would cost $190 which I considered ridiculous considering the low quantity of trash and our discussion beforehand. He said removing the cardboard would be $90 alone! It says on their website that they are cheaper than their competitors. I even let him schedule the pickup time that would be most convenient for him as to minimize price because they "combine loads for smaller jobs"( In reality they want you to believe they are cheaper but then they show up and ask for more than advertised hoping you will bite the bullet and pay the price. The problem I had was them blatantly stating how much cheaper they are than their competitors over and over again. It felt like false advertising and a waste of my time.

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