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Construction and Demolition (C&D) refuse should be sent to an approved recycling facility. All C&D projects bound by the requirements of a Waste Management Plan (WMP) must use the approved haulers and/or recycling facilities chosen in the WMP. Construction material such as concrete, bricks, drywall, lumber, etc., must be removed by the contractor or you may rent temporary construction containers by authorized private haulers.

  1. All documentation to show where you recycled/disposed of the construction and/or demolition (C&D) debris (e.g. disposal receipts showing weights, material type and project address, any dispatch tickets showing private hauler used to haul debris and project address, any photos of salvaged or reused items at the project site).
  2. A copy of the building and/or demolition permits sign-off by a City of Santa Monica employee.
  3. A completed Final Compliance Form must be submitted.

Weekly Trash Disposal:

The City of Santa Monica provides all residential and commercial solid waste services. The City does not offer roll-off dumpster services, which are handled by private companies that are approved and maintain the proper business license requirements with Resource Recovery and Recycling department.

Hazardous Material:

City of Santa Monica
Household Hazardous Waste Home Collection Program
(800) 449-7587
Non-resident HHW facility dial: (888) CLEANLA
New Hours -SATURDAYS ONLY 9 AM to 2 PM

  • This is a free service to Santa Monica residents (proof of residency required).
  • PICKUP ONLY ✔ No Facility Drop Offs

Recycling Ordinance:

(a) Private Projects. All construction and demolition projects the total costs of which are, or are projected to be, fifty thousand dollars or greater, or are one thousand square feet or greater, and all demolition-only projects ("covered projects") shall be required to divert at least sixty-five percent of all project-related construction and demolition material in compliance with this Chapter. Inert materials shall be excluded from calculating compliance with this requirement.

(b) City-Sponsored Projects. All City of Santa Monica sponsored construction, demolition and renovation projects shall be subject to this Chapter, and consequently, shall be considered covered projects.

(c) Compliance as a Condition of Approval. Compliance with this Chapter shall be included as a condition of approval on any construction or demolition permit issued for a covered project. (Added by Ord. No. 2261CCS 1, adopted 4/22/08)

(a) WMP Forms. Applicants for construction or demolition permits in Santa Monica involving a covered project shall complete and submit a waste management plan (WMP), on a WMP form approved by the City for this purpose, as part of the application packet for the construction or demolition permit. The completed WMP shall indicate all of the following:

(1) The estimated volume or weight of the project C&D material, by material type, to be generated;

(2) The maximum volume or weight of such materials that can feasibly be diverted via reuse or recycling;

(3) The vendor or facility where the applicant proposes to use to collect or receive that material; and

(4) The estimated volume or weight of C&D materials that will be land filled in Class III landfills and inert disposal facilities.

(b) Calculating Volume and Weight of Material. In estimating the volume or weight of materials identified in the WMP, the applicant shall use the conversion rates approved by the City for this purpose.

(c) Deconstruction. In preparing the WMP, applicants for demolition permits involving the removal of all or part of an existing structure shall consider deconstruction ("deconstruction"), to the maximum extent feasible, and shall make the materials generated thereby available for salvage prior to land filling. Deconstruction can be used to meet the sixty-five-percent diversion requirement provided it is accounted for in the WMP.

(d) Salvage Audit. Each applicant will be provided information concerning a salvage audit and encouraged to have a salvage audit conducted prior to commencing any deconstruction. (Added by Ord. No. 2261CCS 1, adopted 4/22/08)

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