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Junk Removal San Francisco CA

Michael Andreacchi

Meet the Owner

Michael Andreacchi started Junk King in 2005 in their garage. The company has since grown and now utilizes eight trucks to haul and collect junk from homes and offices in San Carlos. The company’s philosophies have not changed despite its growth. Junk King is still focused on customer satisfaction through tried and tested green solutions to junk removal, disposal, and recycling. Junk King San Carlos focuses on the customer and makes sure that each client gets the services they need. Paul and Dustin, the company’s general managers in San Carlos, train employees to inform clients between 15 to 30 minutes before a job. Junk King makes sure to get to your address within the two hour window. If the staff fails to get to your location within the given time frame, the company will inform you. Call 1.888.888.JUNK (5865) today or go to to get the lowest prices and the greenest solutions to junk recycling or disposal. You can be sure that the junk taken from you will not contribute to garbage in landfills. The company will do whatever it takes to recycle or donate junk taken from you.

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