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Recycling must be set out at the curb by 7:00am on your collection day, or as early as 5:00pm the day before. If your recycling was missed, call the DPW to report your address or Northside Carting @ 978-686-8604. Always leave us your name and a return phone number. If the recycling truck is still out on the road, we may be able to get back to you on the same day, if not please leave your recycling at the curb, and it will be picked up the following business day.

Why would my recycling be left at the curb?

There are several common problems to be aware of in terms of preparing your recycling for collection. Please avoid these common problems to ensure pickup of your recycling:

No plastic bags - The processing facility that receives our recyclable material does not accept plastic bags, so please do not put your newspapers or cans and bottles into plastic bags. In fact, plastic bags which can cause problems for the automated systems, have to be manually removed. Most plastic bags can be brought to your local grocery store for recycling.

Do not put paper loose in the recycling bin - All paper items should be together in paper bags, and containers should be loose in the bin. The only exception to this is with cardboard, discussed next.

Unflattened and/or Large Cardboard - Cardboard that is larger than 30 inches by 30 inches will not fit in the recycling truck, and unflattened cardboard causes the truck to fill up too quickly since the material is not compacted. All cardboard should be flattened and can be placed in the paper bag with the rest of your papers, or can be tied with string, stood up between a couple recycling bins, or placed under your recycling bin.

Dirty (Contaminated) Recyclables - Containers that are not rinsed out and paper or cardboard with food waste can contaminate the rest of the truckload and result in additional processing costs.

What types of items can I put out for recycling collection?

Curbside recyclable items include paper (newpaper, magazines, phone books, mixed paper, beverage containers, paperboard such as cereal boxes, junk mail including window envelopes), cardboard (flattened and cut or folded to 30" by 30" or smaller), and glass, metal and plastic food containers #1, #2, and #6. Click here to be directed to our current recycling flier.

How do I get a red bin for recycling, and can I get more than one?

Red Bins are no longer a requirement of the Town for recycling. The Town has contracted with Northside Carting to pick up the recycling and has switched to single-stream recycling.You may combine all cleaned recyclable items in one bin or barrel of your choice. You will need to stop by the Department of Publice works to pick up a big green 'bumper' stickers that says "RECYCLE" to put on your bin or barrel. Be careful to keep the weight of the container less than 30 pounds. If you end up with more stuff than will fit in one bin, that's means you are recycling a lot! You can put your overflow material in any other plastic container that is of comparable size and leave out along side your original barrel. Or stop by the DPW - 384 Osgood ST - during business hours, for another sticker.

When is yard waste collection and what is accepted?

Leaves are collected for xx weeks in the Fall, usually in November. The timing is somewhat dependent on the weather and changes each year. Once the exact dates are decided, they will be posted to the DPW General Office page under DPW News.

Our Spring collection for sticks and small branches that have come down over the winter or for spring yard clean up BROWN BIODEGRADABLE YARD BAGS are collected for xx weeks in the SPRING and again the timing is dependent on the weather. The sticks and branches MUST FIT IN THE YARD BAGS. But you should also look to the web site for a PERMIT FREE Dumping times or special additional days out at the Sharpners Pond Road - Cyr Recycle Facility.

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