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Bulky Item Pickup

Burrtec Waste Industries provides a bulky item pickup (BIP) service to residential and commercial properties on behalf of the City. This is a manual collection service designed to handle bulky materials not accommodated through other collection methods. Residents are entitled to two (2) free BIP services per calendar year. A maximum of fifteen (15) minutes of service will be allowed for each scheduled pickup. Each additional fifteen (15) minutes will be charged $36.23. A typical amount is that which can be removed within fifteen minutes or within a 4'x6'x4' box.

To Schedule a Bulky Item Pickup, Please call (909) 804-4222

Program Rules:

  • 1) Must be a City of San Bernardino resident living in a single-family home or multi-family home with less than four (4) units.
  • 2) Must place bulky items neatly on the curb behind collection carts by 6:00 AM on their regular trash collection day. Do not block sidewalk.
  • 3) Appointment must be made by the account holder of record in order for items to be picked up.
  • 4) Do not put your bulky items out for pickup until a collection date has been scheduled.

Bulky Item Materials Accepted:

  • Broken Appliances - toaster ovens, water heaters, and other appliances
  • Large appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, washers & dryers must have their doors removed or taped/tied securely.
  • Furniture - chairs, desks, sofas, tables, etc.
  • Mattresses - all sizes of mattresses and box springs, crib mattresses, and futons
  • Rugs/Carpet - Must be bundled and be no longer than 6ft and less than 50lbs (Roll up carpet prior to demolition work so as to protect its viability for recycling).
  • Scrap Metal - bed frames, bicycle frames, shelving, and other metal items
  • Branches must be cut into 4 foot lengths and bundled

Bulky Item Materials NOT Accepted:

  • Automobile bodies, gas tanks, lawn mowers, etc.
  • Commercial or business trash or waste materials, including trash or waste from businesses conducted in or from a residence
  • Construction and Demolition debris
  • Electronic waste (computers, televisions, monitors, DVD players, microwave ovens, etc.)
  • Household hazardous waste materials
  • Piles, bags, or boxes of smaller items
  • Tires
  • Trash in bags or boxes

To schedule a Bulky Item PickUp Service:

  • 1) Burrtec Waste Industries at (909) 804-4222 at least five (5) business days prior to your regular trash collection day (pickup service will not be made to any residents with delinquent accounts). Have a list ready to tell the customer service representative exactly what items are to be collected.
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