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Best Junk Removal New York

From Park Slope to Long Island City, Forrest Hills to Riverdale, Williamsburg to the Upper West Side, if you have unwanted furniture to donate, appliances to recycle or junk that is cramping your home or office, we can help.

Stop worrying about all that clutter right now! We are your friendly furniture and junk removal experts in New York City. Don’t want to get stuck with a fine for leaving your unwanted items on the curb? Our luggers are trained to quickly and safely remove items form all kinds of spaces – including closet-sized Manhattan apartments! You and your super can rest easy knowing that your items will be removed safely without any damage to hallways or lobbies. We work on your schedule and are ready when you are with same day and next day appointments available.

Not only do we make the process quick and painless for you, we also help local charities right here in the five boroughs of New York City by donating your items directly to those in need. And we also make sure you get a tax-deductible receipt for all the items that are donated on your behalf!

Eco-Friendly Mission

Our company’s mission is to keep as many items out of the landfill as possible by donating, reusing and recycling the “junk” collected. In 2014, The Junkluggers of Manhattan and Brooklyn donated over 1, 000 times for our customers. In 2015, The Junkluggers of Manhattan and Brooklyn more than doubled the amount to over 2, 000 donations. We are very serious about our mission to keep our customers’ items out of the landfill; our company goal is to donate, reuse or recycle 100% of all items removed by 2020.

The Benefits:
  • On-Site removal in New York City
  • Experienced & Courteous Staff
  • Online Booking
We Provide:
  • Fully Insured Staff & Vehicles
  • Free On-site Estimate
  • Eco-friendly Services
Commercial job?

We proudly provide furniture removal services to many companies and industries in New York City including:

  • Financial Services
  • Housing & Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Construction
About Us

Zach Cohen
The Junkluggers of Manhattan and Brooklyn Franchise Owner
Junkluggers of Manhattan and Brooklyn Owner Zach Cohen

Zach Cohen has been with The Junkluggers since its inception. Being the founder’s younger brother, Zach was one of the original “luggers, ” starting when he was still in high school. After graduating high school, Zach transitioned from being a lugger to The Junkluggers Accounting Director while simultaneously attending the University of Connecticut. As the Accounting Director, Zach oversaw The Junkluggers’ accounting systems including bookkeeping, payroll, taxation and internal auditing. Upon graduating from The University of Connecticut’s School of Business in 2010, Zach briefly left The Junkluggers and spent two years as an auditor for Deloitte & Touche. During this tenure at Deloitte, Zach successfully completed the CPA exam and outside of his professional life he became active with Big Brothers Big Sisters organization. In November 2012, Zach transitioned back to The Junkluggers into an Operations Manager role. In June 2013, Zach became the youngest Junkluggers franchisee as the owner of The Junkluggers of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

As the owner of The Junkluggers of Manhattan and Brooklyn, Zach focuses on the company’s accounting, strategy and culture. Zach is an active member of Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) and mentoring students through Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO). When Zach isn’t working, he’s most likely walking his dog in Riverside Park with his fiancée Danielle.

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