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The more people in a property, the more junk accumulates. Commercial properties get it the worst. With hundreds or thousands of people moving through them daily, it's no wonder property owners are left searching for commercial junk removal in Philadelphia. Property managers need to deal with furniture tenants leave behind on the first of the month, construction sites overflow with debris, and retail stores have extra shelving, lighting, and a few manikins that they just can't get rid of. You don't need to rent a dumpster and pay an employee to do a task they're not suited for – not when you've got the largest junk removal company in the world on your side! We're 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, and we're happy to help.

The Perfect Dumpster Rental Alternative

Our business started back in 1989, and since then we've become the experts in hauling away junk. If it's non-hazardous and our friendly two-man crew can lift it, we'll take it away. Here's a short list of some of the junk we've hauled in the past:

waste from construction sites, including chunks of concrete, asphalt, and scrap metal

old furniture, including couches, kitchen sets, and mattresses

discarded auto parts

out of date and non-functioning electronics including televisions and computers

yard waste

any other junk you can think of!

It doesn't matter where you are in Philadelphia – if our truck with its beautiful logo can get to your property, and our two man crew can lift the junk, we can haul it.

Affordable Pricing

One of the reasons we've become the largest junk removal business on the planet is our prices – we never upsell, and we give you a quote related to the job at hand. Instead of charging you for the hours spent on site, we charge you based on how much junk we haul away. It doesn't matter whether the junk is located on the curb in front, or buried in the stockroom at the back of a retail store – you don't have to bring it to us, we'll go to it at no extra charge. It's these customer friendly practices that have kept us in business since 1989.

The 1-800-YOU-GOT-JUNK? Recycling Program

We recycled before it was cool, and we continue the practice today. All of our crews are trained in responsible disposal practices. When we take your junk, we don't just haul it away and throw it out. We sort through it. We'll look for old electronics that can be recycled and pieces of furniture that can be donated to those in need. When you choose 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, you're choosing friendly people who want to do what's best for the environment.

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