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A family owned and operated business, Load of Rubbish is located in Talbotville, Ontario and provides service to London, St. Thomas, Talbotville, Port Stanley, and Aylmer.

We Are Professional

Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, Load of Rubbish provides prompt, professional, and timely service and our team will not leave an area until it has been completely cleared. Our deep commitment to our community and recognition of our social responsibilities means that our dedication doesn’t just end at the job site either. With a comprehensive recycling strategy, we make sure that doing business also means we can protect our ecosystem and help others at the same time.

To protect our customers and ourselves, Load of Rubbish carries full liability insurance and all of our workers are covered under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board’s (WSIB) policies.

We Are Efficient

At 600 cubic feet, our trucks are one and a half times larger than our competitors and we always load to maximum capacity by arranging the larger, flatter items first before filling up any remaining space. By optimizing each trailer load we increase our efficiency, making it possible to pass up to 40% savings directly on to our customers. We don’t pay to dump air so why should you?

To ensure that each job runs smoothly and on time, at least two of our employees are on site to load, sort, recycle, and sweep up. An enclosed trailer provides a safe environment for the salvaging of recyclable items even in bad weather and various pick up options such as same day or next day service when available and the removal of junk with or without you being present (so long as your items are accessible) means that Load of Rubbish can always offer our customers the best service possible. We will even provide after-hours service for your convenience.

We Are Economical

To provide the best value to our customers coupled with the highest level of service, we only charge for the work done based on your needs. Competitive pricing, an upfront estimate, and no hidden costs ensure that there are no surprises when you receive your bill.

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