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Ruth Stephan, of Ottawa, is not happy with the thought she may have to give up the custom rubbish collection service she receives from Tongate Sanitation.

But if the city moves ahead in contracting for a single waste-hauler to serve homes, that's almost certainly what will happen.

Not only is Tongate too small to bid on servicing all city homes, but as City Council members have frankly admitted, an exclusive contract with a big hauler most likely would drive the small family company out of business.

If you haven't heard of Tongate, it might be because it does not advertise and new business typically comes from word-of-mouth recommendations.

Stephan, 59, has been a Tongate customer for three years. Two years ago, tumors in her knees caused her to loose her balance, fall and fracture her ankles.

For months, Travis Tongate, the fourth-generation owner and truck driver, fetched Stephan's trash cans from her yard and emptied them into his truck.

These days, Stephan can move the cans to her front yard where Tongate lifts them over her chain-link fence, empties them and then places them back over the fence.

"He's a real nice guy, you couldn't ask for better, " Stephan told The Times. "He's professional, he's courteous, he goes beyond and there's loyalty. With the big businesses you can get lost in the shuffle."

"We cater to the seniors and the physically challenged, " said Will Tongate, whose grandfather founded the firm. His son, Travis, took over in 2000.

Travis, 27, has an associate degree from Illinois Valley Community College and bachelor's degree in social science from Ashford University in Clinton, Iowa.

Travis says what makes Tongate important in Ottawa is its service can be tailored to the individual needs of customers at no extra charge and with a personal touch.

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