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Free Junk Removal Oakland CA

Junk overwhelms. It insidiously sneaks into your home after so many garage sales, or is left behind by bad tenants of the property you manage. If you're working in construction, it's almost impossible not to have junk on site – and soon expensive dumpster rentals are overflowing. Junk is so prevalent it even has a drawer named after it: the junk drawer. If you're in Oakland and looking for junk removal, you're looking for us: 1-800-GOT-JUNK?! We won't let debris overwhelm you – will take it away and return your property to its pristine state. The same goes for those who want to recycle – if you're in Oakland and need electronics recycling, we do that too!

Our Professional Service

While our junk removal business started small, it has grown into the largest junk removal company in the world. You can see our logo on trucks in New York and in California. Our friendly, uniformed crews are practically mascots for junk removal. We deal with all kinds of non-hazardous material on a daily basis, including:

discarded furniture that no one wants

rolls of excess carpet

out of date or non-functioning electronics that need to be recycled

used auto parts

yard waste

construction debris

and any other kind of junk you can think of!

No matter where you live in Oakland, we can get to you and remove the junk that's been ruining your day! If we can lift it, we can take it.

Priced By Volume

Every junk removal job comes with its own unique challenges, and yours is going to be no exception. However, we keep our prices affordable by charging based on volume, instead of by hour. Best of all? You don't have to bring the junk to us, or to the front of your property, or anything like that. We will scale the side of a building – metaphorically speaking – if we have to in order to remove the junk from your property. We've been in business since 1989, and have grown to become the largest junk removal company in the world. Our affordable pricing, and our excellent customer service, are the two catalysts behind that growth.

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