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Residential Junk Removal Chicago South side

We believe that a company gets back what it puts into its services through customer loyalty and enhanced reputation. Because it’s our name on the line each time we take on a project, our cleanup crews will work tirelessly to satisfy our customer’s needs in a most professional and courteous manner. This sincere approach to what can be an unsavory task is appreciated by our customers, and proves time and again that we are dedicated to making a difference in the world – one junk removal job at a time.

If you live in one of the areas of Northern Chicago we service – Park Ridge, Glenview, Niles, Morton Grove, Des Plaines, Skokie, Lincolnwood, Rosemont, Edison Park, Norwood, Norridge, Edgebrook or Harwood Heights – and have need of junk or trash removal, then the only number you ever need to know is (773) 628-7055. One call to the skilled experts at Great Junk Removal and your clutter problems will disappear – literally.

Great Junk Removal provides quality Junk Removal, And Trash Removal Services to the Northwest side of Chicago and near the cities of Park Ridge, Glenview, Niles, Morton Grove, Des Plaines, Skokie, Lincolnwood, Rosemont, Edison Park, Norwood, Norridge, Edgebrook, or Harwood Heights.

At Great Junk Removal, we do our very best to offer a complete array of junk removal services. We specialize in residential and commercial property junk, trash, and debris removal, and as always our teams will ensure that everything collected is given a chance at new life either through reuse, repurposing, or recycling. Less than 12% of the items we remove end up in landfills, so you can feel good about the choice to work with Great Junk Removal on any of the following projects:

  • Garage Cleanouts & Debris Removal
  • Attic Cleanouts & Debris Removal
  • Estate Cleanouts & Debris Removal
  • Basement Cleanouts & Debris Removal
  • Foreclosure Trash Cleanouts
  • Eviction Trash Cleanouts
  • Construction Cleanups
  • Commercial Trash Removal
  • Office & Warehouse Cleanouts
  • Vacant Lot Cleanups
  • Illegal Dumping Cleanups
  • Unwanted Household Goods Recycling
  • Office Equipment Recycling & Haul Away
  • Unexpected Event Cleanup

So, you’re in need of junk or trash removal and you live in Northern Chicago. You know you want to clean up your clutter in the most environmentally-sensitive way possible, but you’re not sure what steps it will take to ensure everything is treated according to law and with the upmost respect for the local ecology and sustainability of life in this area. You want to minimize your footprint and maximize the potential usefulness of things you’re ready to toss out, but know someone else may find helpful or even necessary.

What do you do? You call Great Junk Removal to partner with the professionals. Our dedicated junk removal specialists will handle all of the details while you can relax knowing your clutter is cleaned up and going where it’s needed – not filling a hole in the ground future generations will have to cope with. Great Junk Removal will be your partner in protecting the environment from all of the things you throw out, and all it takes is one call to (773) 628-7055 to go “green” with us!

Our junk removal service is as simple as setting a price, pointing us in the right direction, and letting us handle all of the heavy lifting. You get back to all you love doing while we cleanup, cleanout, and clear up the clutter that’s been making you crazy. We offer up-front pricing and, of course, free estimates. All you have to do is start the ball rolling with a call to Great Junk Removal today. You set a time that’s best for you, and one of our professional junk removal teams will be on-site precisely when we say they will. It’s our family promise to you – we’ll be there when you need us.

Our offices are not open to the general public for walk-in appointments and are not a drop-off facility for refuse, debris, or other materials. We do accept appointments for consultations and discussions with customers at our offices. If you would like to schedule an appointment please call (773) 628-7055 or email today to start a conversation with a member of our professional management team. You may also reach us by traditional mail at our address listed below:

Great Junk Removal
6351 W. Montrose #274
Chicago, IL 60634

If you have a junk removal, trash removal, or debris removal issue, and are located in and around Northern Chicago, call 773-628-7055 today to start working with the best junk removal service in the region – Great Junk Removal, LLC. Our family-run business will go the extra mile to ensure you stay with us for all of your future debris removal needs. There are a great many junk services in Chicago, but only one Great Junk Removal. Each and every satisfied customer will agree, we’re the best option out there for responsible, eco-friendly junk removal services. Check out our awards or our Testimonial page to see for yourself!

If you would like more detailed information, if you have questions or comments, or would like to schedule a service call, please fill out the Request Form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please note this Form is for new and existing customers only. Any non-junk removal related inquiries should be addressed by mail to our offices.

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