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(770) 369-0305

GREAT service- these guys helped move junk from the basement and garage. They were on time, professional, and pleasant to work with. It was so nice to just direct them to take "this, that, and whatever" needed to be removed. I'm looking forward to hiring them again as I am working to downsize and purge years of stuff. Definitely recommend stand up junk guys! Thank you, thank you!!

Brelin and Gabriel did an outstanding job removing my old hot tub. They completed the job with in a very reasonable amount of time and were very professional. Highly recommend them to remove anything from your yard at a very reasonable price.

Now that I've had my junk gone for a while, I realize the pricing was reasonable for the headache I avoided by hiring Stand Up Guys. Bumping to 5 stars!

These guys were great. No nonsense junk removal. They showed up on time, got the job done quickly and the price was reasonable. I will use them again and recommend them to friends, family and neighbors.

Used Stand Up Guys for the third time today. Surprised I have not written a review before now considering how great they have always been to work with. I've not shopped around to find the cheapest deal to be honest and I'm not sure if there are cheaper options. So, I won't comment on the prices. By the way, I do think what I was charged was very fair. What I will comment on is that they are always punctual and on time! They are always friendly! They always go out of the way to make sure the job is done well! So, next time I need this service, I know who to call.

Professional, on time, called and kept me posted on their arrival, hard workers, polite, what more can I say? I would 100% recommend the Stand Up Guys! Specifically Team Patrick - they were awesome to work with. We had a basement full of junk, along with several piles of bricks in the yard, and they took them all. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Thank you Stand Up Guys! I will continue to refer you to everyone I know!

Inexpensive. Guys showed up on time, were very professional, and knocked out the job very quickly. Easy to schedule. Very simple, easy experience which is what you're looking for when you want to get rid of junk. I had them clean out our basement - old furniture, boxes, etc. I would recommend.

I had a garage full of construction debris, some of it very heavy, and they took care of it all. I was surprised at how quickly they came out and completed the job. They had good communication during the entire process and did it all for a fair price. I will definitely use their services again.

This was a wonderful experience. Jeremy and Patrick were professional and very quick. They picked up 2 dressers, a washer and dryer and a large coffee table. This pickup took about 30 minutes. I would recommend this service to anyone. Thanks guys!

The Stand Up Guys did an amazing job removing almost a truckload of items we had collected over 20 years. A project like this is overwhelming but they took care of everything. They are professional and very reasonably priced. Save yourself the time and effort on a clean out project - it's worth every penny to use Stand Up Guys. I highly recommend them and will be using them again in the future.

I highly recommend Stand Up Guys. Danny & June are very professional hard workers. They were on time, affordable and friendly. Their customer care will definitely keep me as a customer.

I scheduled an appointment, and they called on their way to give me a heads up, and arrived on time. They were friendly, and worked fast and hard. The pricing seemed very fair, especially for how hard they work. They removed bricks, concrete, and an old furnace. Nothing seemed to scare them. They took credit card on their mobile app, and had everything wrapped up in under 2 hours. Would use them again in a second

The guys called about an hour before arrival to let me know they were enroute and then again when they were in the neighborhood. They hauled out everything we wanted them to and were very pleasant to talk to. Great job and would call them again!!

First time using this company. Brelin and Jesup showed up right on time. Very friendly and efficient. They removed a freezer, tv, fan, a couch, chair, and about 20 bags of trash. They also tore up and hauled away carpet and padding from the dining room and living room. This was all done in 40 min. I never got estimates from other companies, as I went by their good reviews, but I think their prices are reasonable. Will be using them again.

Would very highly recommend! They provide the service as stated, pleasurable to deal with and honest. Would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone and will be using their services again when the time comes. Thanks again for the straightforward process! A++

THE WORST COMPANY EVER! DO NOT USE THESE BOYS!!! After giving me a reasonable quote, they came out and took some junk away. They then charged me more than twice of what they had quoted me!!! They left half of the junk in the crawl space, and we ended up in a lawsuit!!! Again, DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!! Call another company. They must scam people all the time!!. Suzette Cumming, Ga

These guys are amazing. Due to a mistake on their website, I got a quote for hot tub removal that was very low. Upon discovering their website's mistaken pricing, not only did they fix their website to prevent it from happening again, the owner called me back and to make up for the misunderstanding gave me an incredible deal that was even well below the original estimate! This company is truly living up to their name. Their prices are fair, the customer is their #1 priority, they give back to the community, recycle as much of the junk they retrieve as possible. These are the real Stand-up Guys, the kind of businessmen that you just don't find anymore. I can't wait for the opportunity to recommend them for any junk removal in the future.

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