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Junk Removal Woburn MA

1-800-GOT-JUNK? Serving Woburn provides a practical and convenient solution to waste removal.

We offers services that not only provide alternatives to dumpster rentals but exceed in that we will come directly into the premises to remove waste from rooms, offices, garages and any other space in your home or office building. All our clients need to do is point the way.

We will do the heavy lifting for you and ensure at the same time that your premise is not only junk-free but cleaned up afterward, leaving the area clear of any debris.
Our uniformed professional staff will call fifteen or twenty minutes before arriving.
The team will provide a cost based on the volume of your waste.
Chances of damage, dents or scrapes are eliminated with our careful care in the handling of even the heaviest articles.
We donate salvageable goods or alternatively re-cycle wherever possible. Our crew is experienced and well trained to ensure the least waste possible with regard to your junk. We try to keep as much as possible from ending up in a landfill site. We take our responsibility to the environment and our neighborhood seriously.

Saving your body and premises from damage

While we live in a time when do-it-yourself projects are prevalent and admirable there is a time when professionals should be called in. Hauling refrigerators, pulling up and rolling carpets, disposing of furniture and countless other tasks take its toll. Calling in professionals only makes sense, allowing more time and energy for important things. Leave the cumbersome towing and distribution to those who specialize in waste removal.

Even with a dumpster rental to hold renovation materials, there is still a need to get the materials there and then up and over the sides. For those who are not used to heavy lifting it is almost a formidable task!

Stairs wreak havoc when trying to move heavy items. Hallways are subject to scrapes, items in danger of falling. That is where our services come in very handy. Just point at what has to go and leave the rest to us.

We will send two able-bodied, fully insured workers with a truck to haul away your junk.
You will enjoy same day pick-up. No need for an unsightly container sitting for a week (or more).
No city permit is required. Our truck will be in and out in no time flat.
We offer 24/7 customer service through one central number.
Straight-up pricing where labor is included in the price.
Sweeping and cleaning post job.
Our staff is trained to the heavy work so you or your staff don't need to.

Who are the customers that benefit most from our services?

Homeowners will have us clear out their yards, removing swing-sets, old patio furniture, lawnmowers and any other old or unwanted items. Garage clean-ups are right up there on the to-do list as are home renovation materials, mattress removal and appliances.

Retail Outlets Our two man crew will come onsite to rid your establishment of any non-toxic waste. Retailer owners often do overhauls to brighten the look of their stores and storefronts. We take it all, saving your staff from manual labor and possible injury.

Offices We will remove your excess, broken chairs, furniture or any other non-toxic items and before you know it the over-stuffed storage rooms will be free of unused, unwanted items leaving space for – well – storage!

Property Owners (apartment block owners for example) Renters are bound to leave things behind and we will gladly pick them up and dispose of them. We help keep the premises clear of junk leaving a better impression on future renters.

Construction Sites We will remove asphalt, concrete, roof shingles, wood, drywall, scrap metal and other materials often dropped off by us at recycling centers.

Independent Contractors We will be your right-hand man on the job by removing any construction material and distributing it safely using environmental guidelines, saving you time for the job you were hired to do!

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