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Easier then moving all this junk out myself thats for sure. Not a bad service at all, guys were nice, and thats it, im just happy i didnt have to do any heavy lifting :)

They were trying to steal stuff from the house. We hired them to clean out the garbage from the house of a family member who passed away not to try & steal items we were keeping. This place is a joke. Even after being caught and lying about it they had no problem to give my family a nice big bill. Who knows how much stuff they actually stole it was more than once we caught them hiding items. This location should have all it employees arrested for theft. DONT EVER USE THEM if you do make sure you watch everything they are picking up if you have stuff you want kept.

Evan and O'Neill of 1-800-GOT-JUNk did a wonderful job today, lugging furniture and many boxes of books down four floors' worth of narrow, prewar stairs-a gargantuan job. They were helpful in every respect, and they gave good advice on what to do with certain items we were keeping.

Zero Stars. AWFULLLL EXPERIENCE! DO NOT USE THEM! They came, unannounced, then were ripping molding off the wall as they were carrying stuff down the steps. Then, naturally, I said something to them about it, and they gave ME an attitude telling ME that IM IN THE WAY!?!? Are you kidding me? Then, they had the nerve to make comments about my walk way and started taking photos of my property??!??!?!?!? I called customer service, and I am waiting for them to get back to me. This is heinous, this company should be shut down for having workers that act that way.

I made an appointment for today and was told they would arrive between 1 and 3. At 3:15, I called and was told they were very busy and would get to me soon. NOT acceptable. I sat in an apartment without electricity or heat waiting for 2 and a half hours. I now have to hope I can find another junk removal service this week and hope they can do it in the evening so I don't have to take off work. VERY disappointed and upset.

I called the company to inquire about pricing (which it seems they don't like to discuss over the phone) and after finally dragging the starting cost in my area out of the customer service rep I was going to hang up and call elsewhere because I thought it seemed a bit too high for what I required. The rep also implied that because I live in a nice area the price was automatically higher than normal. However, at his insistence I made an appointment to have it assessed in person because he thought they'd be willing to work with me once I described that I had mostly plants mixed with some random things. Today was my appointment and the worker called a bit before his supposed arrival which was supposed to let me know he was on the way. However, this is when he asked me what it was I wanted trashed. Once I explained he told me the starting cost as well. After I told him the rep recommended he see it in person to asses it he basically told me there was no point and seemed really unwilling to even come take a look. I left work early to make it home in time for this appointment, only to have this guy cancel on me because they are fixed on the higher price slot for something they haven't even looked at yet because of the area I live in. That is not how you build a customer base. I live in Carroll Gardens where a ton of my neighbors are doing renovations daily. They are always looking for recommendations. Unfortunately this is not going to be a good one.

$148 to remove an ikea office desk that weighs 50lbs?? I don't think I even paid that when I purchased it. Wow. I think I'll post it for free on Craigslist.

I set up an appointment for I Got Junk to clear out my late parent's house. There was a lot of furniture and household items to remove. The crew came on time, worked hard and efficiently and filled up the truck. There was still a lot of items to remove, and a second crew arrived within 45 minutes after the first crew left. They too worked hard and efficiently and completed the job within 1 hour. Both crews were quite pleasant, did their job and I am quite happy that I selected 1-800-Got- Junk.

The whole experience was seamless...from the initial online appointment to the confirmation follow-up call to the call the morning of to the timely arrival. The two gentlemen (I apologize I forgot their names) were amazing. They removed a large amount of junk including several large pieces of furniture quickly, carefully, neatly and without disruption. They were polite and friendly (the removal also took place on one of the most humid, hot days of the year). They deserve a raise! Great experience.

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