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Junk Removal Jackson MS

Copier, tools, a kitchen table, mini fridge and trash.

Graham J.
Jackson, MS, 39271

Load Size: 3/8th Truck

Trash Volume: 164 Cubic Ft.

$ 265

Photocopier, bedding, a kitchen table, vacuum cleaner and bricks.

Jennie B.
Jackson, MS, 39207

Load Size: Half Truck

Trash Volume: 215 Cubic Ft.

$ 316

Clearing up a apartment in Jackson - it has some drawers, 3 computers and stacks of documents.

Rick E.
Jackson, MS, 39215

Load Size: Full Truck

Trash Volume: 436 Cubic Ft.

$ 515

I need to take away 2 couches & a recliner chair, kitchen stuff & possibly a pile of old carpet.

Megan F.
Jackson, MS, 39289

Trash Volume: 442 Cubic Ft.

$ 499

I need to throw away wood shelves, documents and possibly some drywall materials.

Zach G.
Jackson, MS, 39284

Load Size: 1/6th Truck

Trash Volume: 70 Cubic Ft.

$ 117

I need to dispose of a sofa bed, some lighting fixtures & maybe some wall debris.

Amber G.
Jackson, MS, 39282

Trash Volume: 186 Cubic Ft.

$ 300

Jackson Attic clean out with some random stuff which includes yard tools, kitchen stuff, some plastic chairs and king mattress.

David S.
Jackson, MS, 39225

Trash Volume: 184 Cubic Ft.

$ 220

Cleaning my condo in Jackson - it's got a desk, some electronics and stacks of documents.

Dana F.
Jackson, MS, 39205

Trash Volume: 188 Cubic Ft.

$ 307

Jackson Home clean up I've got just random belongings such as yard tools, paper, some plastic chairs and queen mattress.

Corey B.
Jackson, MS, 39296

Trash Volume: 231 Cubic Ft.

$ 293

Jackson Doing a clean out I've got lots of everyday household items including lawn care items, paper, a couple fence panels and flooring.

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