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Junk Removal Irvine CA

16 Technology Dr
Ste 145
Irvine, CA 92618

(949) 344-2293

It's easy to schedule a pick up the staff members on the phone and in person were very efficient. I like that on the day of pick up the driver kept in touch and let me know exactly when they were going to arrive. A great company!

Excellent customer service, lowest prices by far compared to several other local competitors, very quick and easy to schedule. Highly recommend and will definitely use again for all junk removal needs.

Great friendly customer service at a fantastic price. Justin and his crew were amazing, highly recommended!!

This service is very handy for electronics, home furniture, appliances and the like. The team that came to our home was professional, polite, informative and quick. It's too bad they can't transport paint or this would be a one stop shop. Great service - I would highly recommend.

Ask for Chris and Alex - Strong as oxes, handshakes like CEOs! They showed up full of energy and on time for my wreck of a hauling job. I thought it would take all morning but they wrapped it up in under an hour, including sweeping up - never broke a sweat.

Amazing and friendly service. Called prior to arriving, gave an accurate estimated time of arrival, were friendly right from opening the door. Took out a very large and very heavy sleeper sofa in a matter of minutes with no damage to the door or area. Gave me a fast and reasonable price on the spot, and did all of the work. One less headache for me to deal with, and cheaper than two other places I called. Will definitely call again in the future!

Reasonable prices and competent service. We used them to empty a storage unit. I recommend them.

On time. Reliable. Helped carry. And good communication as far as arrival time.

The guys are fantastic! I had a concrete breakup job that someone gave me a ridiculously high quote to do so I rented a jackhammer and did it all myself. I had no idea how to get rid of all the debris so I googled these guys and within an hiurbrecieved a call to schedule my free quote. They showed up on time, gave me a very reasonable quote and were literally done (including sweeping and everything) within an hour. The team lead, Kevin was respectful and easy to communicate with. I even had them grab some random junk I had in the garage on their way out. Lol. LOVE IT! Highly recommend these guys!

Justin and jose were very nice i highly would reccomend this company to any one getting rid of junk at home. Great people

Make sure to request Justin and Kurt!

Prompt, friendly and professional. They helped us get rid of a bunch of stuff in our garage that was left by the previous owner. They also helped us remove a lot of our own junk that we had sitting in our side yard. I would use them again.

This is the second time that I have used Junk King and I will again!! They are awesome and much better than that company with the blue trucks. They are always on time, professional and they move quick! They always get the job done fast and efficient. Love these guys!

Thank you to Junk King for an awesome price and super duper same day service Lori B Tustin

Justin and Eddie were friendly, clean cut and efficient!! They removed concrete and a dump pile on the side yard of our house Reasonable price and great clean tidy space after.

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