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Help for Hoarders

Are you or someone you know past the point of simply “collecting” things and finding yourself buried in endless piles of stuff that you can’t get yourself to part with? Hoarding is a serious problem for about 2%-5% of America’s population. Experts usually make the distinction between being messy and being a bonafide hoarder when it affects a person’s ability to function. A hoarder has an intense emotional attachment to objects, feels a sense of major loss if something is thrown away, and assumes that an item shouldn’t be thrown away because it will be used one day. If you or someone you know feels they may have a serious problem with hoarding, it may be time to seek professional help. If you feel you are ready to get rid of all that junk that has been taking over your home, garage, backyard or other space, give the Garbage . We help you tackle that mess once and for all!

Dumpster Rental Education

Home renovations, REO trash-out, construction projects, and other activities can generate quite a bit of waste. It may be time to rent a dumpster to help tackle the job of junk removal. It’s important to consider the following factors while choosing your dumpster: What materials are you disposing of? How much material is there to remove? Where will you place your rental container? For what amount of time will you rent the dumpster? Where are you located? Among others.

Dumpsters are measured in cubic yards. For example: 2 cubic yards will fill up a pickup truck. Be prepared to tell the dumpster rental company what size dumpster you want. There may be different rates for different materials which include general waste, construction, yard waste, and recyclables. Be sure to determine the volume of what you will be putting in the container and how you will be placing it (throwing over side, dragging in, etc). Also, consider that your rental quote will most likely contain a weight limit because the company will be taking the waste to the dump which charges by weight. Expect to pay more if you are disposing of heavy material like dirt or concrete. Lastly, consider that your location may affect your rental price due to the fact that what the company is charged to dispose of waste varies from location to location. Roof replacement, tile replacement, and long-term construction or remodel projects are a great fit for a dumpster service. For most other projects, Garbage Guy is the easier choice – simply point at what needs to go and we do all the lifting and loading. You can collect everything to the garage or carport, or let us do that for you as well. We can empty a garage, clean up a kitchen renovation, or empty an entire house. If you prefer to do the work yourself, or need a container for a few days to sort through items for disposal, ask about our 3-day dump trailer special. We leave our large dump trailer in a convenient place for you to fill it and pick it up when you are done. We do all of the hauling and you save 6-8 trips to the dump in a pickup truck. One flat rate includes the drop-off, pick-up, and dump fees.

Arizona Bulk Junk Removal

Have bulk items that you need help disposing of? The Garbage Guy offers Arizona Bulk Junk Removal for items that may be too heavy, large, or cumbersome for you to get rid of on your own. Simply give us a call or schedule a bulk junk removal pickup online and one of our representatives will contact you to work out the details. We’ll be happy to help with the removal of that unwanted furniture, appliances, tires, hot tubs, swing sets, patio furniture, barbecue grills, etc.

Arizona Senior Transitional Services

Arizona is home (or a second home) to many senior citizens. 55+ communities can be found in many locations around the valley of the sun. Mild winters and year-round sunshine draw many winter visitors who end up making long-term commitments to this sunshine state. At some point, many of those seniors need to transition again. Some decide to sell their winter home and stay closer to family. Others move in with family or into assisted living facilities to allow others to care for lawns, gardens, and take care of many other daily tasks. At this time of transition, Garbage Guy offers timely assistance to declutter a home for showing, or to empty the entire home to prepare it for sale. We recycle or donate all usable items, and properly dispose of any debris or accumulated trash. We make sure photo albums or any personal family items are set aside for family members and clean out the rest of the home according to your instructions. We work directly with homeowners, family members, estate attorneys, and assisted living centers to facilitate a home clean-out according to your needs. Let Garbage Guy help with your family housing transition and take care of all of the heavy lifting for you.

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