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Do you need junk removal service in the NYC area? Don’t worry- Cleanout Express is ready to assist. Cleanout Express proudly provides junk hauling in all of NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Long Island and surrounding areas.

If you have junk you want to remove and are looking for an affordable, quick and easy solution, Cleanout Express can help, with a dedicated team that’s just a phone call away. They provide Brooklyn junk removal, anywhere from the Brooklyn Bridge to the furthest part of Brooklyn. They have Queens covered as well with their Queens rubbish removal department serving from Astoria to Bayside. Cleanout Express are experts in junk removal in NYC.

Whether you have an apartment, condo, townhouse, co-op, home or any other place that needs to have junk removed, Cleanout Express is fully licensed and insured, with a friendly staff that has a great attitude in cleaning out your space.

Having been in the the junk removal business across NYC since 1997, Cleanout Express has excellent reviews as one of the best junk removal companies in New York City. They have transformed the image of junk removal and trash, garbage and rubbish collection services with a uniformed, personable staff and bright, clean, red trucks. Cleanout Express specializes in removing unwanted items and materials from homes, apartments, commercial businesses and construction sites.

Don’t be fooled by other rubbish companies that offer free junk disposal- nothing is really and truly free. Cleanout Express’ junk removal costs are among the most competitive in NYC, in fact, they actually have the best pricing service in the area, so when you request your estimate you will know their pricing is very competitive. For more information on prices, please call 718-658-0979 for a free quote or fill out the junk hauling rate form from the Website at

If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to a dumpster rental, Cleanout Express is the perfect solution, is less expensive and they will take care of all the heavy lifting, loading, clean-up, hauling away and disposal. They’ll even broom-sweep any mess caused by the removal.

Get your first estimate at Cleanout Express, whether you need residential junk removal throughout NYC, office or commercial, basements, backyards, businesses or any other location or type of building. Cleanout Express Services for NYC and Nassau County customers include: clean-out of residential garages, basements, attics, yards, office, construction debris, estates, move-in and move-out, commercial and industrial places as well as interior demolition.

Take advantage of Cleanout Express’ trash and garbage hauling services. When sanitation can’t get rid of your trash, Cleanout Express will make sure you can get rid of your stuff.

Cleanout Express takes pride in its reputation and the trust they have built with each customer. They work to continuously improve your junk removal experience throughout NYC and strive to meet each customer’s unique needs. If you need professional garbage, rubbish, trash or junk removal anywhere across NYC, call the experts at Cleanout Express at 718-658-0979.

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