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Junk Removal Mesa AZ

Not only do we take your junk, but we dispose of it in the proper place as well. Local charities will reuse much of what you don’t want. We have the manpower and transport equipment needed to make it happen. Anything that can be recycled will. Garbage Guy works diligently to minimize what is dumped into Arizona landfills. We collect only non-hazardous waste in order to protect our land. Give us a call and find out if your waste is accepted.

Homeowners, renters, property management company, Arizona realtor, retail or construction site, if you have done any remodeling or cleanup projects, Garbage Guy will complete the job hassle free. We offer multiple removal and disposal packages to take care of different sized jobs. What can be recycled will be donated to local charities. Other garbage will be sorted between recycling and landfill sites. We aim to keep Arizona a clean environment for many years to come. The extra effort placed into disposing of debris and garbage makes Garbage Guy the leading junk service of Arizona.

Not only do we pick up your junk, but we clean up afterward. Our service is a cost effective way to handle garbage removal and disposal.

Fill out the appointment form or call us direct. Garbage Guy will work to accommodate your first choice of days and time. With a description of junk items or size of debris piles, we will produce a junk free quote free of charge. Give us a call at 480-241-0110 and find out how easy it is to get started. We work together with you to keep Arizona areas debris free!

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