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Junk Removal Memphis

Junk includes about two hundred pounds of household junk and an old washer dryer unit.

Trell G.
Memphis, TN, 37501

Load Size: Half Truck

Trash Volume: 202 Cubic Ft.

$ 295

Removal of nearly 500 lbs of random junk & a fridge.

Angel A.
Memphis, TN, 37544

Load Size: 1/4th Truck

Trash Volume: 123 Cubic Ft.

$ 179

Cleaning out my mothers condo in Memphis - that has drawers, a couple computers & kitchen stuff.

Sarah W.
Memphis, TN, 38166

Load Size: 3/8th Truck

Trash Volume: 185 Cubic Ft.

$ 220

I need to discard some shelves, kitchen items and probably some linoleum floor.

Aly A.
Memphis, TN, 38188

Trash Volume: 86 Cubic Ft.

$ 190

I need to discard old couches, kitchen items & probably some linoleum flooring.

Adam G.
Memphis, TN, 38194

Load Size: 5/8th Truck

Trash Volume: 235 Cubic Ft.

$ 355

Junk includes probably two hundred fifty lbs. of everyday household items and a washing machine.

Connor L.
Memphis, TN, 38151

Trash Volume: 220 Cubic Ft.

$ 303

Memphis Basement clean out I have a lot of bunch of junk like lawn equipment, old clothing, wooden fence and mattress, boxspring.

Kyle O.
Memphis, TN, 38161

Trash Volume: 238 Cubic Ft.

Memphis Garage clean up with mostly random belongings which includes lawn equipment, old clothing, some fencing and flooring.

Jessica B.
Memphis, TN, 38181

Load Size: Full Truck

Trash Volume: 468 Cubic Ft.

$ 515

Clearing up my mothers property in Memphis - it's got a big desk, an old computer and piles of paper.

David T.
Memphis, TN, 38101

Trash Volume: 225 Cubic Ft.

$ 299

Need help with old tvs, kitchen items and possibly a pile of wall debris.

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