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When you choose a Junk Removal company in High Point, you’re picking more than a trash pickup service. Junk hauling is really all about quality and reputation. To us at JunkDrs, the two go hand in hand. Since the day we have opened we have been working hard to build our reputation each time we come in contact with a customer. Courteous, on-time, thorough, and flexible are matters that we pride ourselves on.

Junk removal is all about convenience and time savings. It is a task that most people could do if they decided too. However we realize our customers value their time and their health so they choose to go with a full service rubbish clean out and hauling company. For that reason we have made our entire operation as efficient and straight forward as possible. Our rates are based upon the volume of space your junk takes up in our truck. You will receive a firm, no obligation estimate before you job begins. Then our guys will go all throughout your property to retrieve and load your stuff. Before you know it, and through no effort of your own, you will be junk free! Need trash removal in Thomasville?

How does this all work?

We are proud to offer the simplest rubbish removal process in the industry.

  • Give us a call or schedule a 2 hour arrival window online.
  • Our team will give you a courtesy call when we are about 30 minutes from arriving at your property.
  • You will get a firm price estimate before we begin your job. It is no obligation so you are able to decline if you would rather not proceed. If you do give us the go ahead then we will load your stuff then and there.
  • You can settle up at the end of the job by either credit card, cash, or check.

What Will You Take?

  • Furniture Removal
  • Clear away home appliances
  • Landscape waste removing
  • Clear away Sinks / Bathtubs
  • Remove tree stumps
  • Building clean-up
  • Shingles Removals
  • Home pc Recycling
  • Tire Removal
  • Large Screen Tv set Removal
  • Residence Clean Outs
  • Real estate foreclosure Clean Outs
  • Building construction cleanup
  • Rugs Removals
  • New Home Clean Ups
  • And more…

The items that we cannot accept come down to local regulations in the Triad Junk Hauling and Removal areas. The types of things that we do not take are things which you would normally regard as hazardous materials – batteries, oil, old paint, paint thinners, antifreeze, solvents, propane tanks, pesticides and insecticides, fertilizers, pool chemicals and similar. Learn more about what we take.

High Point, NC residents can take their Household Hazardous Waste to 2750 Patterson Ave. in Greensboro.

Which is better? Junk Removal or Dumpster Rental?

You have three options when it comes to purging your home or business of junk. The first option is to do everything yourself. You provide the truck (or rent it), you provide the labor, you load everything, and then you take the stuff off to the dump, recycling center, or donation center yourself. That is a good way to take up a whole Saturday. If you value your time more than that then you will likely narrow it down to two options; a full service High Point, NC junk removers company or a dumpster rental service.

Full service trash removal is the most efficient and easiest option when you are doing a clean up of general household and business items. If you have items such as furniture, electronics, cubicles, cardboard, washers, dryers, printers, computers, televisions, old radio equipment, general bags and boxes, general junk, trampolines, playhouses, etc. that you need removed then a rubbish removal company is probably the route you want to take. The biggest benefit to a junk hauling company is the fact that you do not have to do a thing. We bring two team members to go throughout your home to retrieve and load your items. You tell us what goes and we take over from there. Another benefit to a junk remover company is the fact that we recycle and donate as much as possible. With a dumpster rental company what goes in the dumpster normally goes straight to the landfill. Not to mention you generally are restricted from putting electronics in dumpsters without paying extra.

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