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Junk Removal Charlotte NC

We provide junk removal and moving services to the residents of Charlotte and many other communities of Mecklenburg County. We provide both residential and commercial junk removal and moving services. Every member of our team is background-checked, fully licensed and insured for client safety and satisfaction.

We Got Your Back!
Whether you need yard debris removal, seasonal cleaning services, or as-needed home or office junk removal and maintenance, our team is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure your needs are met. Our team of junk haulers and movers will take care of all of the heavy lifting, sorting, and transportation so you never have to lift a finger. No matter if it’s just one item or a whole house, we can help!

College Hunks tries to divert as much of your unwanted items from landfills as possible. All of the items we remove from your home or office will be transported to your local Charlotte donation center or recycling facility in accordance with our clean and green junk hauling practice.

Through our partnerships with various local and nationwide charities and non-profit organizations, we’re able to give your items a second life to families in need. As the industry’s leader in eco-friendly junk hauling and trash removal, we’re proud to do our part to keep the Charlotte community clean and beautiful.

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