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Home Depot Junk Removal

Offer valid 4/6/2017 through 6/7/2017 with the purchase of wood click-lock flooring products priced $1.49/sq. ft. and over. Minimum purchase of 250 sq. ft. Product purchased separately. Customer must purchase installation to be eligible fordiscount. Basic installation does not include removal of existing floors, furniture moving, installation of molding, stairs, subfloor prep if needed, or other optional labor. Minimum purchase amount may vary by market and may not apply in all markets. Offer cannot be applied to prior purchases. Online product purchases are not eligible for the promotion. Valid on single-family residential homes only. Offer excludes commercial installations. For all flooring installations, customer acknowledges that the amount of product purchased will be the basis for installation charges, including removal and haul away. This amount may vary from actual size of customer’s room(s). Ask an Associate for details and product exclusions. Home Depot local Service Providers are background checked, insured, licensed and/or registered. License or registration numbers held by or on behalf of Home Depot U.S.A., Inc. are available at or at the Special Services Desk in The Home Depot store. State specific licensing information includes: AL 03010 AK 25084 AZ ROC252435 ROC092581 CA 602331 FL EC00001440 CGC1514813 CAC1813767 CFC1426021 GA EN216765 CT22120 LMP2977 ID 005190 MA 112785 MI NV 38686 OH 46992 OK 9190 OR 95843 RI 9480 TX TECL24447 RAIC113 TACLA1574C TACLB14980C M-16451 WA HOMED088RH WV WV036104. *Results based on an annual average score of The Home Depot’s “Voice of the Customer” survey as of July 2016.

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